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How to Educate Your Child When You Move Overseas

Moving overseas can be a great option for families. It can allow you to enjoy a better standard of living, a better work/life balance, and to experience a whole new culture. But one thing that many expats worry about is their child’s education, and whether they’ll get the same standard as back home. So, what’s the best way to educate your child when you’re an expat?

International schools give them a high standard of education

International schools are one of the most popular options for families who move overseas. In general, these schools follow a western curriculum, and most of the lessons are in English, although they also teach the local language. Choosing an international preschool Bangkok can be an excellent way to help you children settle in, as they’ll be around kids from their home country, but also get to make friends from around the world.

Local schools can sometimes be an option

It’s not unheard of for expat children to go to local schools, but you need to remember:

  • They will be following a local curriculum – sometimes this can be good, but some countries don’t have high standards
  • There can be a language barrier
  • Lots of things about the school culture can be different – i.e. school hours, expectations of behaviour, uniforms etc.
  • It can be difficult for kids to make friends if there aren’t other expat children around

Going to a local school can be a lot of fun, and certain children thrive on the challenge, but for others, assimilating into the culture can be a real challenge.

Some expats homeschool

Home-schooling has risen in popularity in the past year or so, and if you’re in a couple where one of you is a stay at home parent, then it might be an option.

The main issue with homeschooling is that the kids are home all day. While you can get the academic work done quickly, it can be difficult to give them the other things they expect from school, like activities, socialisation, and a wide range of subjects. Also, if you and your partner work, it can be a real challenge to also homeschool.

When you move overseas, the children can be your biggest concern, so it’s worth thinking about their education and where they will go to school. Going to school is a good way for them to settle into life in a new country and hopefully make new friends.

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