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Translation of Greek Marriage Certificate

So you want to translate your marriage certificate that is in the Greek language. You want to get an idea about the circumstances at which the translation of a marriage certificate becomes necessary. No worries as this post explain some important bit of information about translating the Greek marriage certificate.

We all know that the process of getting married may become different in different countries. Similar is the case with a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate is different in different languages. If you want to make your marriage legal, it is important to get a marriage certificate translation.

It is, basically, a document that proves that a person is married. Most people get confused over the marriage certificate and a marriage license. Both documents are important, but there is a slight difference between the two. As already mentioned, a marriage certificate proves that you are married. Hence, this document is obtained by a couple after marriage.

On the other hand, there is another document which must be obtained before you get married. It is known as the marriage license. First of all, the signing of a marriage license is important. A couple may sign it during or after the ceremony, but once it is signed, a couple can get a marriage certificate.

Is the translation of a marriage certificate necessary?

If you were married in Greece or previously resided in a country where English is not the official language, then at the time of applying for a visa or citizenship in the UK, you must get your marriage certificate translated into English along with other documents. Moreover, the translation of a marriage certificate also becomes necessary if you apply for a job in a particular country or apply for a passport.

Remember, the translation of a marriage certificate is not something that you can do yourself. For translation of a marriage certificate, it is important to take the services of a professional translation company with years of experience in the related field. And one more thing: For making your marriage certificate accepted by the Government agencies or institutions, you must get certified translation.

How does a Greek marriage certificate look like?

An official statement that shows that two persons are married is known as a marriage certificate. It may be written in different languages. If we talk about a Greek marriage certificate, it is written in the Greek language. A Greek marriage certificate includes the name and surname of both partners, their age, and the place and date of marriage. Not only is this, but the residence at the time of marriage and their profession also mentioned.

In need of Greek marriage certificate translation services?

If you need certified translations services for your marriage certificate, you must contact Kings of Translation. Now the question arises here is why you should choose Kings of Translation? Kings of Translation has been in the business of providing a translation of documents for several years. Certified translation of documents, supporting multiple languages, high-quality, quick delivery, and turnaround and guaranteed best price had made Kings of Translation a leading translation agency throughout the United Kingdom.

We offer translations for any type of document. It may be a legal document translation, a business document, a technical document, or a personal document. As we can translate documents in different languages, we can translate your Greek marriage certificate into any language that you want.

Our team of translators is an expert. They can translate a variety of documents into a variety of languages. Hence, by considering Kings of Translation, you can get the BEST translations by the BEST translators at the BEST price.

If you want to request our Greek marriage certificate translation services, you may call or email us at our official contact number or the email address mentioned on the website. Trust us; once you place your order, you just need to relax while our translators do it all for you.

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